Solar Electric

Solar Electric Servicing

“We will service your system, even if we didn’t install it”

In recent years there have unfortunately been a number of companies that have traded in the Renewable Sector for a few years and then disappeared. Leaving a lot of customers with nowhere to turn for after sales questions or service issues. We are proud to say that we have been trading nearly 10 years and our customers are relieved to know that they have a friendly, knowledgeable company, which they can trust and rely on, just a phone call away.

Sustainable Energy Engineering 1 Year Service schedule

Our Solar Electric system annual service starts from £75 + VAT.

On an annual basis we would carry out the following checks and tasks :-

  • Cleaning of all solar panels to ensure they are working to the best of their ability and ensuring no obstruction of sunlight from bird droppings, leaves, or algae.
  • Check all accessible fixings/brackets are tight on the solar panel array
  • Check all accessible solar panel electrical connections
  • Check all other connections within the system (e.g. isolators, inverter, generation meter, distribution board)
  • Check and measure DC string voltages
  • Check and measure DC string currents
  • Check that the inverter is functioning properly
  • Completion of Solar Electric Service report

Breakdown assistance

Solar PV systems are generally very reliable, however, throughout the life of the system you may experience problems, the most common problems with PV systems is the inverter.

It’s possible that an inverter could have internal issues and be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, your solar PV system would not be generating to the best of its ability. We would discover any problems with your PV system and in most cases, fix them on the same day.

We can also offer to provide a temporary inverter to be installed until your original inverter has been repaired. This means that your solar PV system can continue to generate electricity and revenue for you from the Feed In Tariff, while your inverter gets fixed or replaced.

The MCS guide and manufacturers advise that it’s best to service your solar PV system annually to ensure that your system is generating at its maximum ability and therefore earning you more. It’s possible that you could be missing out because you have a problem with your PV system, making you lose out on your annual return. We take a more conservative approach to servicing domestic systems, as you have to way up the cost of the service against the potential savings from continued or increased performance.

For larger commercial systems, where there are more panels and connections, it is advisable to safeguard your long term investment, with regular servicing.