Funding – Feed In Tariff

Feed In Tariff example of a Standard 4 kilowatt system

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Costs assume a typical 4kWp on-top solar PV system on a concrete tiled roof at a pitch of 40 degrees, facing due south with no shade:

Example of 4kW domestic PV system
Materials, installation & commissioning £4,285
VAT at 5% £215
Total cost £4,500
Output (South facing roof, Newcastle, no shade) 3,616kWh
Estimated payment time 8.6 years
Rate of return (IRR) 11.63%
Income breakdown Year #1 20 years
FIT payment £159 £3,180
Electricity savings on your bill
(based on 50% self-use and electricity cost of 14.05p)
£277 £5,540
Export income (50% deemed export) £87 £1,740
Total income (tax free) £523 £10,460
Calculations assume a 3% general rate of inflation and electricity inflation also at 3%. Payback calculation allows for replacing the system inverter once during lifetime.